Ractoon Redesign: Part 1 – Introduction

The urge to redesign hits often on the web. The rapid creation and adoption of new technologies, and the refinements of existing techniques, produces an ever-growing number of methods to improve a site. Especially within the last several years it seems like the pace and volume of new technologies has increased.

The last iteration of ractoon.com was launched in early 2009. Since then browsers have added support for HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript has become more prevalent (both in new client side frameworks, as well as server-side), Flash has become less prevalent, and the market for mobile and table devices has exploded.

Ractoon Site Circa 2009

Ractoon.com Site Circa 2009

Alongside these changes the workflow to design and develop a site has continued to evolve. For sites to keep up with multiple resolutions, lower bandwidth devices, and higher pixel density displays new techniques for generating images and code emerged. These new tools create more compact resources, fewer HTTP requests, and more tailored experiences for users.

In this series the redesign of the ractoon.com site will be examined. Each phase (from branding to launch) will be detailed along with the tools and techniques used during development and design.