Web Worker Stories

Our industry is full of stories. But even though nearly every person working on the web has a blog, twitter, facebook page, what have you – these stories  don’t always get told. Recently several outlets have made an effort to collect these stories, and compile them into a pleasant format.

Offscreen Magazine

Offscreen Magazine has published three issues profiling some big names in web and digital (which they fondly refer to as “pixel people”). Aptly named, the magazine is only available in print format on some fine smelling paper using solid construction.

I noticed some typos in the first issue, but the quality content and photography more than made up for this small oversight. By the second issue this was taken care of, and they even included a bookmark within the pages (a much appreciated bonus).

The interviews are thorough and span several pages. They also include several full color photographs, highlighting the interviewee in their natural habitat.

Individual issues run $17.90, or sets of three are $47.90, plus shipping. At first blush the price seems a little steep for one issue. But with the amount of content and work that appears to go into each issue it’s well worth it.

Insites: The Book

Insites: The BookStarting out as Insites: The Tour, Insites: The Book provides those of us outside the UK an opportunity to get up close and personal with the big names of the web. As the authors describe it: “We delved into their personal journeys, big wins, and lessons learned, along with the kind of tales you’ll never hear on a conference stage.”

The book is available in digital or print formats. Both include 20 conversations collected over six months from web workers in the US and UK. With the rapid pace of the web some of the interviewees’ places of employment and situations have changed before the book shipped, but the stories are no less engaging. Each is more of a snapshot of the person at the time of interview, but a timeline accompanies each story to spotlight notable moments with the web.

If you opt for a print edition (limited run of 2000 copies) you will be treated to a well crafted reading experience. The stock and print quality is top notch, and comes with a presentation box for the book. A single photograph graces each story along with some very nice typography.

The print edition runs £23.00 (roughly $36) and £9.00 (roughly $14) for the digital. A set with print and digital can be had for £29.00 (roughly $46).