Creating a jQuery Plugin

This all began after working on some functionality that (for once) I could not find a suitable plugin for. Figuring it was a good opportunity to finally write a small jQuery plugin I did some quick research into the process for creating and publishing one. It has been quite awhile since I looked into the process of creating a plugin. In that time the jQuery Plugin Registry has greatly improved, along with the support and documentation for creating them.

Creating Your Plugin

The jQuery docs contain a good rundown of creating a plugin, as well as considerations to keep in mind. But there are some handy tools available that will generate some solid starting points, such as Starter from Pixel Graphics.

Publishing Your Plugin

The code lives on Github and uses webhooks to integrate with the plugin registry. So first order of business was setting up a git repository. If git is something new there are plenty of very solid tutorials available to start taking a look.

Once the git repo is up, and filled with your plugin goodness, it is ready for publication on the plugin registry. Again jQuery provides very good instructions on how to do this. Once that is complete you are good to go, and it should appear listed on the registry shortly.

All in a Day’s Work

The result of this experiment was the jQuery Text Counter plugin. And after discovering how straightforward it is to create a plugin I’m sure there will be more coming soon.