Installing WordPress Locally with MAMP and WPExpress

Getting WordPress set up on your own computer for development doesn’t have to be complicated. Using two free applications it can be done even faster and easier than the standard WordPress 5-minute Install™.

Setting up MAMP

The first application needed to run WordPress on your local system is MAMP. This will create everything you need to run WordPress on your system. Once installed you’ll need to hit the “Start Servers” button and your server should now be up and running.

By default your site should be accessible at http://localhost:8888

Using WPExpress to Install WordPress

The second application is WPExpress, and will be used to download and install WordPress on your new MAMP server.

After installing WPExpress you’ll need to locate the folder that MAMP is using for its sites. This can be found by opening MAMP and hitting the “Preferences” button. From there go to the “Web Server” tab and you’ll see the “Document Root” where your site should live.

In WPExpress go through the guided steps to:

  1. Select your destination folder (which will be the MAMP Document Root mentioned previously)
  2. Enter your database details which are (by default in MAMP):
    • Username: root
    • Password: root
    • Port Number: 8889
  3. Enter the details you’d like to use for WordPress such as the admin username/password, email, and site name

After automatically downloading the necessary files and activating everything you should now have a WordPress site set up and ready to roll. No need to download files, create databases, or do any additional configuration.

A demo of a WPExpress install can be seen in this demo video as well (note this demo video uses MAMP PRO so it may look slightly different for that portion):

Had any questions or run into any issues with getting started? Ask them in the comments below.