Using ACF Pro Section Styles with Flexible Content as a Page Builder

Using the Flexible Content field from Advanced Custom Fields allows you to quickly set up a page builder for your theme. However, this method lacks control over the appearance of specific sections. To implement this you would typically need to add fields for margins, borders, padding, and background for each layout you create for your Flexible Content. This ends up being repetitive and unintuitive for users.

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ACF5 PRO Color Picker Custom Palettes

The Advanced Custom Fields color picker field is an easy way to give users control over colors on a WordPress site. It can be further enhanced to display a custom selection of color palettes, making it so you don’t have to remember the hex codes for frequently used colors.

This particular method takes advantage of ACF hooks to ensure all fields (previously saved as well as those added dynamically but not yet saved) display your custom palettes.

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