Don’t hire a developer who will drop the cake

Have you seen the competitions where chefs create majestically intricate cake towers based on a theme? They spend weeks planning, practicing, mocking up their cakes to the requirements set forth by the judges. During the competition they spend hours assembling everything together, meticulously poring over each detail. The final product is glorious, weeks of work brought to life for one delicious purpose. The only remaining task is to move the cake to the presentation table for the world to see.

This should be easy, right? Moving a cake, compared to hours of grueling effort, is nothing. But the cake is massive, incorporating the requirements of the judges, the creativity of the chefs, and all the delicate details that set it apart from its competition. At best a misstep means losing a detail on the way, at worst the cake never completes the journey. The best movers work as a team with clear communication and focus, they all care about getting that cake over intact.

Shouldn’t your project be handled the same way?

Kyle is at the top of my list of programmers and developers I have worked with. He always codes our sites to look exactly the way we have designed them, and I have yet to stump him on any widget or feature a client has requested for their website. Simply the best.

– Jim Snyder, jSnyderDesign

Work with a partner who will carry the load

After putting in the hours, working with client requirements and feedback, and polishing the final product it’s time to show the world. Deadlines need to be met, clients need to be satisfied, and your design needs to shine. With a proven track record for clients large and small your project will make it, details intact.

Sound like a good fit?

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