Deep into development. Dabbler in design. Constantly curious about all things web.

I’m a full stack web developer currently working for the City of Fort Collins, building enterprise scale applications to serve the needs of City staff and the local community.

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At the City — using Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, Vue, and more to create:

  • Internal custom content management systems
  • A custom newsletter mailing system
  • Private on-site package repos and code deployment processes
  • CJIS compliant native mobile applications
  • Progressive web apps
  • WordPress multisite intranet with custom theme and plugins

At ractoon — using Laravel, Postgres, JavaScript, Vue, Tailwind CSS, Redis, and AWS infrastructure to create:

  • Kinona - a privacy focused social network for meaningful connections


Learn Electron
A quick start guide to building and releasing your first Electron application.
WP Express
Electron application to speed up local WordPress development.
ACF Section Styles
A custom field for the WordPress ACF Pro plugin to configure CSS styles including margin, borders, padding, and backgrounds.
jQuery Text Counter
jQuery plugin to count words or characters and enforce min/max requirements.
Case Studies
Design, development decisions, and results of past projects.