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Using Sentry with Nuxt 3

Configuring Sentry for use with a Nuxt 3 application by building a custom plugin.

WordPress Sortable Admin Columns for Custom Posts

Adding custom columns to the admin tables for your custom post types is a good way to provide more information to your users. WordPress provides a flexible method to add data whether it’s meta values, taxonomies, images, ACF PRO fields, or anything else tied to your post types.

Translating Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

Preparing your themes and plugins for an international audience is not as difficult as you may believe. WordPress provides a set of handy functions that, once learned, can easily be rolled into your existing workflow.

WordPress Hooks: Actions / Filters

If you understand WordPress hooks you understand one of the key elements that makes WordPress powerful. You also gain a sense of how well theme/plugin authors understand WordPress, and how friendly their code is to extend.

Using ACF Pro Section Styles with Flexible Content as a Page Builder

Using the Flexible Content field from Advanced Custom Fields allows you to quickly set up a page builder for your theme. However, this method lacks control over the appearance of specific sections. To implement this you would typically need to add fields for margins, borders, padding, and background for each layout you create for your Flexible Content. This ends up being repetitive and unintuitive for users.

WordPress / ACF PRO Files Field Custom Upload Directory

Sometimes you want uploads to end up somewhere other than the default WordPress uploads directory. For that WordPress provides the upload_dir filter, but how does that work with ACF PRO file fields?

Migrating WordPress Sites

Moving a WordPress site, whether it’s to your local environment or to a new server, is a common task with some potentially confusing issues. Typically there are three migration scenarios, broken down in this post along with things to look out for.

Git Workflow with WordPress

If there was a way to streamline your code backup, development, and deployment would you do it? Git is a solid solution, but benefits from some fine tuning to improve WordPress development.

Case Study: WP Express

The story of building of a WordPress install app, using Electron, for Windows/OSX.

Case Study: Brock USA

As the leading supplier of shock pads for artificial turf fields, from the NFL to middle schools and parks, Brock was looking to create a web experience that conveyed their industry knowledge and experience to their key audiences.

Case Study: L&H Industrial

In 2014 L&H decided to launch a major marketing effort alongside their 50th anniversary. As a global leader in design and manufacturing of heavy machinery they needed a website that would live up to the expectations of everyone involved.

ACF5 PRO Color Picker Custom Palettes

The Advanced Custom Fields color picker field is an easy way to give users control over colors on a WordPress site. It can be further enhanced to display a custom selection of color palettes, making it so you don’t have to remember the hex codes for frequently used colors.

Case Study: Eversight Labs

In 2014 Eversight partnered with ractoon, Inc. to build a website to tie into a powerful marketing campaign. Post-launch revenue increased 200% as well as more than doubling their customer base and staff.

Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts (Printable)

For the past few months I’ve used Sublime Text as my go-to editor for code creation. Recently I’ve tried to learn the keyboard shortcuts to help speed up development, but wasn’t able to find a good printable version to keep nearby for quick reference. That led to the creation of this Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts PDF.