Case Study: Eversight Labs

In 2014 Eversight sought to create an eye catching website to tie into a powerful marketing re-launch. As a company that deals with in-store promotions they knew the importance of promoting their own brand.

Branding and Design

The look and feel was established and fleshed out by Angry Bovine using vivid imagery and interactive elements. Each element was designed as a flexible container for content that could be moved and re-used. The goal was for the Eversight marketing team to be fully self sufficient in updating content, as well as creating new pages for future content that looked polished and on-brand.

We created a number of templates that Eversight could leverage as the business and message grew, empowering the marketing team. Angry Bovine

Building Blocks

The custom theme was built as a modified Bones theme. Asset compilation (Sass, style/script minification) was done using Prepros. The backend content controls were built out using the ACF PRO plugin (more on this later).

Site Structure

Content is built out using ACF PRO Flexible Content with custom layouts. Each section has controls to configure the content, background, padding, and custom options.

Eversight Labs homepage screenshot

These content sections needed to be flexible enough to allow anyone to edit them easily, and guide them to make good design decisions as well. For example, when selecting the background colors there are several pre-configured swatches set to their brand colors (the technique for accomplishing this has been written about here). This means the marketing team does not have to remember, or look up, their brand colors scheme – this keeps things consistent across the site, and more efficient when adding/editing content.

Responsive Content

Responsive behavior applies to how the site appears on mobile and tablet devices, as well as when element do or do not exist in the content.

Banner Section

In the main banner section there are several configurable option:

  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Button Text
  • Button Link
  • Split Calls to Action (white fadeout areas)
  • Video

If any of these are empty they do not display and the rest of the content adjusts accordingly. Entering a video triggers a different behavior where a play button is shown over the banner image, and a modal behavior is added so the video player appears when the button is clicked.

Logo Circles Section

In the screenshot this is the “Offer Innovators” area which contains four circle elements with custom logos. In the backend this is an ACF PRO Repeater field allowing for any number of elements to be added. Since the width of the container is limited (and even more limited on mobile and tablet screens) the maximum number of elements visible at one time is limited, but needs to be flexible if more are added.

If more elements exist than can be displayed this section turns into a slider that shifts through each one over a period of time. This way the marketing team doesn’t have to worry what happens if they add too many or few elements, it just works.

Lead Generation and Impact Elements

There are several engaging elements sprinkled throughout the site. The most effective being the Retail/Consumer Goods calculators.

Retail and Consumer Goods Calculators

This custom element allows potential clients to calculate the impact of Eversight solutions on their business. The figures selected create a custom PDF report that the client can have sent to them, and serves as an effective lead generation tool.

Marketing Automation Integration

The site needed to accommodate capabilities from the Marketo platform including A/B testing and lead management. An advantage of the modular page structure is the ability to tweak and test individual components of a page as well. This requires modifying each element to contain a unique identifier that identifies the current page and individual element that Marketo can hook on to.

The Result

Eversight saw increased revenue of 200%, as well as more than doubling their customer base and staff following the site launch in 2014. In addition they secured a $10M Series A funding round, owing to their increased interest within the market.

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